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Delivery up to 48hrs in RM 📦✨ 5 to 7 business days in Regions
Delivery up to 48hrs in RM 📦✨ 5 to 7 business days in Regions
Queque de Zucchinis y Moras

Zucchinis and Blackberries Cake

It is a simple recipe, very easy to make, as well as being quite healthy because it is made with vegetables and Alusweet.


• 3 eggs

• 1 cup oil

• 3 tsp vanilla essence

• 1 cup AluSweet

• 2 cups of finely grated and strained zucchini

• 3 cups flour

• 1 tsp baking powder

• 1/4 tsp salt

• 1 cup fresh or frozen berries


1. We preheat the oven to 180.

2. Grate the zuccini on the fine side of the grater and put it in a strainer to drain as much water as possible.

3. In a bowl, lightly beat the eggs with a mixer, add the vanilla, oil, AluSweet and continue beating until it takes on a uniform and frothy yellow appearance, now add the grated zuccini little by little, joining it with the mixture.

4. Then we put the flour together with the other dry ingredients and add it in 3 parts to the mixture. With the help of a petty we are wrapping the flour into the mixture in an enveloping way.

5. Finally we incorporate the blackberries, carefully so as not to break them. In a buttered mold we put our mixture, and we take it to the oven, it will be ready in 50-60 minutes or if when sticking a knife it comes out dry and clean.

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